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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
I'd call it luck more than anything, pretty much everyone is bashing the moves made by Habs management, every move...

this time, the so called fans got lucky and were right in their bashing...

bashed for hiring MT
bashed for the way he handled the P.K. negos
bashed for trading Cole away (although this one didnt last long)
bashed for acquiring Halpern
bashed for giving a 5th rounder for Drewiskie
bashed for not acquiring a big physical D at trade deadline
bashed for acquiring Briere
bashed for not being able to land Lecavalier
bashed for acquiring Parros
bashed for not acquiring BIG and overpaid wingers trough FA
bashed for not acquiring a big physical D trough FA

considering the "realists" do most of what I've listed, they're bound to be right at some point... yet it doesnt make them any smarter than the Zamboni driver at the Bell Centre.
Well, this is a large and divergent fanbase so you are going to have differences of opinion. It's not like you have posters bashing every single one of these moves.

Maybe I am misrembering but I do not recall much bashing on the Halpern and Drewiske moves, I thought general consensus was the players filled a need and cost little or nothing to acquire. Same with Parros. Maybe he never plays a shift for us but we'll never miss Lefevbre so it's hard to hate the acquisition. Similarly, I think it would be hard to find too many people who think we should have outbid Tor/NJ to get Clarkson or Clowe, not sure how much bashing MB is getting for staying away from the July 5 mess.

I'd like to consider myself a realist (don't we all?) and of the moves you listed I was strongly against hiring MT (jury is still out, IMO), PK contract (still think this was not the right thing to have done), Cole trade (I was wrong), Briere signing and no big UFA D (still time to rectify this one). So I am 'bashing' about half of these moves, not most or all, and I suspect most of the posters framed as 'bashers' or 'haters' are in about the same boat.

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