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07-07-2013, 10:16 AM
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To me it's an antiquated term I personally believe in a top 9 and a bottom 5 plus the two way forward that can bounce between Milwaukee and Nashville,

My definition is the 9 guys you trust the most not to hurt your team. The bottom 6 are role players who add grit, eat minutes so your top 9 can rest, aslo can be dispersed within your lines to add an element to a pairing which it is lacking.

Players are becoming more two dimensional. In the 80's blocking shots, back checking were foreign concepts. Now, players have more cardio ability to be on the ice forever. If you look at the TOI/G of all the players they range between 15:00-19:00

The Preds have 3 #2 lines but the opposing team is facing a #2 line for 50 minutes and a 4th who wants to kill you for 10. A top pairing defense for 50 minutes where you can't do ****. Even if you have the #4 line and the 3rd pairing out there you are so beat up and tired from trying to get the through the forecheck, you are spent and disorganized for the 3rd pairing.... Then you have to get one past Rinne

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