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Originally Posted by SnapVirus View Post
No absolutely not.

Silfverbeg is not a top3 overall neither a calder finalist.

We dont have a roster comparable for him. So if we give, per exemple, a gallagher it is not combined with the same 'package' : B1 prospect and first.
A Galchenyuk did not go back the other way, nor would one have to have gone back the other way. Prospects, picks, maybe Gallagher... expensive but that's what would've been asked for.

It's a question of picking a direction (something that we've always had a problem with.) Either you start going for it and make this kind of trade or you rebuild. We try to do both at the same time and make it harder for ourselves.

If we'd rebuilt properly when Koivu and co. left then we'd be a lot further ahead. And Briere is more of the same. Even if he does put up points it doesn't matter. The guy is going to be eating easy icetime from our younger guys who would've scored those points anyway. He's completely redundant and more of what we already have too much of.

Ryan probably would've cost us Beaulieu and a first. I have a hard time seeing him command Gallagher, Beaulieu and a first. If that's what they asked then MB was right to walk away. I won't fault him for not getting this done because we don't know what the other side wanted. But he deserves to be blasted for getting Briere. Reeks of desperation and doing something for the sake of it. You miss out on Ryan and Vinny... or feel it's too expensive? Okay, no problem. Don't go and make a stupid move as some kind of perverse consolation prize though.
Originally Posted by SnapVirus View Post
I totally dont agree with that.

Noesen is a PPG player in the OHL. He got hurt, but he regressed. Hes the prototype 3rd liner/ career ahler. Here on HFBoards every prospect is ranked as the next Crosby, Toews, Perry, Lucic. But in reality, its almost never the case.

Silfverberg got a good 1st season. But the closest we have to him in our organisation is Collberg. Silfverberg is really close to Collberg, the only thing he has on him is age. Hes 4 years older. Stats are similar when they were the same age.

So lets say it again.

Would you have trade :
Collberg + Leblanc (18ov) + 1st in 2014 for Ryan?

Silfverberg + Noesen (20ov) + 1st in 2014 for Ryan?

Theres a major difference between Gallagher (calder nominee and Galchenyuk 3rd overall, future superstar) then Silfverberg and Noesen. Sorry but Noesen is nothing more than those late first rounders picks that most of the time, never blow up.
That's probably a lot closer to what they would've demanded. Not sure they would've wanted Leblanc but there's no way that Galchenyuk is anywhere near what went back in this deal.

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