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Originally Posted by pulverapa View Post
I have been told that the final vote was placed by the trusted meeting chairman, who was not part of the board.

But, with Jokerit joining KHL, I don't think the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation would stop a Swedish team joining the KHL. Different times.
Vote wasn't about that.

80% of members vote yes to explore the possibility of joining the KHL.
Explore = find out: if it could be done financial, if the SIHF would accept it and if it's "at all possible"
Basically "do we even bother with looking at KHL."

Then by one vote they voted yes on having another vote later, if the answer was that it would be possible to join the KHL. Basically "do we really want this"-vote.

The meeting was attended by 200 ppl, AIK has 20000+ members. It was a pointless vote and nothing that got people of the couch.

It was all a smokescreen for the SIHF and when SIHF called AIKs bluff they folded like a card house in a tornado.

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