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Originally Posted by ChemiseBleuHonnete View Post
Great post, my thoughts exactly.

Also, I'm sick and tired of hearing stuff like the guy responded earlier in the discussion. I said that I have more education (and so does a lot of other people here) than our management and I don't feel they're any smarter than us. The guy responded that I shouldn't watch the habs if I'm so educated. WTF is that..

I'm a physician, and there are many other on this board, and there's also engineers, economists, etc. It's not like we're dumb... We have the right to be critical of the mediocre product we've had for years. Seriously, I'm watching Bergevin and I'm not really convinced the guy's a genius.
great post my friend , calling out the truth that others cant accept

lets look at an example of patience and doing it the right way

The Blues have patiently drafted and built a good hockey team , we can all agree to that

they are a legit #1 center away from contending and Pieterangleo is close to being a stud on D , they have good young pieces to work with

did they spend foolishly on Bozak ? Ribeiro ? to fill thier #1 need

no they paid Roy a good center 1 year to add some depth and hope he can make a contribution down thye middle

in other words they didnt make a long term committment on the wrong player

we have serious holes in the size and d department and committed 4 and 2 years to the wrong players in dd and Briere , they arent gonna change our fortunes

neither is Roy but he fills a need for a center short term , our signings fill no need

I have no issue with Briere if we didnt have Pleks , Eller , and Chuckie

our D is swiss cheese and we got bich slapped by Ottawa , WTF is Parros going to do for us when he might play every second game and be benched come playoff time

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