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Originally Posted by barneyg View Post
Thanks for that. Slide 4 is entertaining... even with all the extra revenue they still project a $2.3 million budget hit from the deal.

The RSE revenue projections on slide 6 are rich... 50% CAGR in years 1-5. The growth rates are constant across the board. They're even projecting a 21% CAGR over 15 years for the naming rights! I'm surprised they didn't project hitting the Powerball jackpot.

edit: just realized those are cumm. Not a well labeled slide. I don't understand the fixation with cumm revenues.

Originally Posted by kihekah19 View Post

More ABSOLUTELY WILD speculation!
as is this cornerstone of the Subsidist school of thought:

Originally Posted by kihekah19 View Post
Yes. It's simple Dave: Without the Coyotes at Jobbing.Com arena Glendale is screwed. Everyone except those that don't want the team in Glendale [mod] seems to understand this.
Difference being those with a modicum of financial education and work experience know this to be hogwash.

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