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Originally Posted by pepperMonkey View Post
What should be done, what can be done and what will be done are all completely different scenarios but...
Gio could be traded at the trade deadline simply because
1) he should be healthy by then
2) his contract is nearing it's end so won't be a cap issue
3) he brings veteran experience to any team that is looking and needing that.
So...he has more trade value as of now.
DD? Considering his previous season, his value is low. So can't see him being traded for anything useful. But being young, this coming season being his 3rd season, there is a good chance he would up his trade value just by being decent whether or not he gets protected minutes while having big wingers making space for him. If he plays well by the trade deadline he could possibly have trade value... which case, both could be traded, LOL (should have voted both).
It's not about trading DD for something useful. No team would give up someone useful for DD. It's about getting rid of his contract and getting a more all around player in the lineup. DD is a mess on D, players literally skate through him to get to the front of the net. I think at this point, we would just be happy to free up the cap space for him, because obviously no team would give up an asset for him, as much as I wish, lol.

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