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07-07-2013, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkguy View Post
Buyouts still effect the cap - I hate when people say "oh well, buy him out and fix your mistake." It doesn't work that way, especially for teams who are close to the cap every year.

Briere was good two years ago. 62 points in 81 games including playoffs.

He had a bad year last year, sure. Still contract is better than a 7 year contract costing almost 10% of the cap.

And Clarkson wasn't on a similar pace. He was on pace for 41 points over 82 games instead of the 47 from a year before, with a ton more PP time.

Again I'm not saying Clarkson is bad. I wanted him here. Incredile 3rd liner and spot top-6 guy. But that contract is laughable. I wouldn't take it on even if they waived him in 2 years. Too much of a headache. Great player, bad situation.
No doubt that's a lot of term length for the Clarkson contract, but then again, it replaces the Grabovski contract for the first four years and that was already on the books and Clarkson is an upgrade from Grabovski. Nonis already stated he is looking more for the now, to make the playoffs, rather than five years into the future and if something has to be done now it will be. If you want a sought after free agent, you have to pay the hefty price for it. One never knows the future for sure, Pacioretty could get injured and never be the same, then Montreal is in that boat as well.

Toronto with the acquisition of Bolland, Clarkson, Bernier have improved, there is no doubt about that, and they as well as all teams also have good players coming up. Montreal meanwhile has added temporary players like Briere who is concussion prone and can get injured and sit out very easily, and Parros, who even though he can fight, can't play hockey. Not much for acquisitions, but MB does have his hands full next year in re-signing the players and will need a lot of cap space so spending a lot this year would have been very risky.

When I look at this objectively, I see Toronto having got better and Montreal just marking time. With the new division format, I see Boston, Detroit, Toronto, and Ottawa making it to the playoffs with Montreal looking like they have the fifth team in the division and possibly for a few years to come.

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