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01-09-2004, 12:01 PM
Old Hickory
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Originally Posted by LuckyLUC20
I'd just like to thank all the Canucks fans for coming here and giving us your well wishes. It's nice to see.
I agree, it very classy on the Canucks fans part. It means alot to us

They are really going to have a problem selling tickets next year, if DT doesn't bring someone in. Watching the team go down the drain 2 years in a row is going to frustrate a lot of fans.

Jeff O Neill is available, he's young, has some grit and needs a change of scenery. I am sure the Canes would rather deal him westward than to the B's. That being said we desperately need help on D.

I have to wonder at this point if Andy Murray is gettnig frustrated. The team overachieved all season and the core players keep dropping like flies and he's not getting much help from the front office