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Originally Posted by jekoh View Post
How exactly is Nichushkin's career affected negatively? Or anybody else's for that matter? I mean what difference does it make whether he's picked 3rd, 10th or even 30th?

None whatsoever.
what if we talk players affected the most, not Nichushkin, who is a unanimous this year's russian top prospect. Let's talk about Slepyshev. KHL draft no.1 pick, one of the leaers on the junior NT goes undrafted in his draft year and gets drafted pretty low this year. I cant tell you he was pissed last year and because of going undrafted he now is pretty settled in the KHL. Let's talk about a lot of players definitely better than the players drafted in the later rounds who go undrafted(KHL regulars). What's the point for them in pursuing a carreer in the NHL? What's the point in caring about that topic NHL GM's are talking about, commitment and hard work to prove they belong in the NHL, if nobody considers them worthy of a 7th rounder?

I really don't see how the "Russian factor" is affecting anyone, outside maybe the teams that choose to go for a marginally weaker player but even that is doubtful since the draft is mostly a crapshoot anyway.

Well, what are we talking about anyway? Let's have a lottery instead of that crapshot-draft.

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