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07-07-2013, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Oh jesus here we go again. Just like last season.

Last season, I was called a "fanboy" (which is the dumbest term to begin with -- how about "fan"?) I endorsed ALL the moves Grunwald made -- and wow, wouldnt you know, 54 wins, the first division title in 20 years and their first playoff series win in 13.

It's called being right.

You remind me of all the other anti-Knicks guys around here. You flooded the boards with Knick bashing after the Miami series in 2012, then went M.I.A from the Opening Night Blowout all through the entire friggin season and Boston series, and then you pop out of the toilet after they get eliminated. Must be tough.

The Knicks werent 20-62 last season. They were a damn good team, and were recognized as one by the people who matter.
[email protected] right.They beat up on a weak conference and got bounced out in the 2nd round with a payroll that was in the top of the league.You consider that success?More power to you,i consider that failure.They were assembled to be a title contender,guess what,not even close.

I prefer keeping my eyes open regarding this team and seeing the problems they are going to have

But keep on being a fanboy Alan Hahn.Let me know when they advance past the 2nd round. If you are happy being the new Atlanta Hawks,more power to you.

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