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Originally Posted by Sucrologist View Post
So if clubs of Stockholm are likely not going to play in the Globe and it's hard to make members vote to join the KHL, creating new club and buying Ericsson Globe seems to be a solution. Since it is NT's main arena, the federation will have to give a permission. But what can lure fans to attend and watch games of such club? In Prague's case the lockout helped to get top players for debut season, fan culture might be different as well. Forced buying up of all available Swedes outside the NHL? Ultimate marketing? I think there are better places for the KHL to expand before Sweden.

I'm sorry but that is a mission Tom Cruise wouldn't even be able to pull trough. Stockholm is pretty saturated with three clubs and you're not going to lure fans of existing clubs to the new one just because they play in the KHL. Sure you would be able to get some corporations who would buy a skybox to be able to grease the wheels of potential customers but you are not going to get that many "real" fans. Sweden isn't the NHL where you get a shiny new arena, a cheesy name, a silly logo and in an instant get 20000 new fans.

The only chance a swedish club will ever join the KHL is if the 51%-rule disappears and a already existing club decides to make the jump.

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