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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
All of this is really insignificant, because three years ago, the Knicks werent a playoff team. Two years ago, the Knicks were a borderline playoff team, and last year, the Knicks were title contenders.

People can dissect the roster all they want. You can find flaws in every roster. The reason why the Heat win is because they have Lebron James. The reason why the Knicks were an elite team this year was because of Melo and veteran depth.

That hasn't changed. The Knicks improved their roster from a year ago.

They have the best scorer in the league, the best 6th man in the league, and two of the best defenders in the league -- all 30 or younger. Those four give the Knicks flexibility to plug and play with whatever role and bench players they want. Add felton, who is certainly a capable PG who understands his role, and you have a very solid, well-built roster.

The current Knicks roster? Yep. One of the best in the EC. I'll take it.
There's no point in arguing with you if all you're going to do is speak in declarative platitudes without backing them up. They got exposed against a Pacers team with almost no bench depth. The Knicks were not a title contender last year. They are not a title contender this year. And the path to title contention for them remains murky at best.

Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Reminds me of the people who bash the Yankees and say they're flawed. Been hearing it since 1994.
Originally Posted by Lindberg Cheese View Post
Yup, any team with a SS without range, a closer with one pitch, a catcher who cant catch is flawed and bound for long- term failure.
Yes, let's equate criticizing a franchise that hasn't won in 40 years with criticizing a franchise that does almost nothing but win. Makes sense to me.

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