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Originally Posted by tazzy19 View Post
Wow, this might be the best thing I've ever read on Gretzky/Lemieux. Thanks for that "ice-level" insight, something that sports writers never really have the ability to uncover. You are right, I never really saw those subtleties as for more than they seemed -- mere "subtleties". Your last line is spot on. Game 2 of the 1987 Canada Cup might be the best example of "chemistry" I've ever seen in one hockey game. Both players had the ability to make time stand still, or better put -- to make 1 second seem like an eternity. Mario did this more often than Wayne, I think. With Wayne, time was more elastic: Yes, he could slow it down as needed, but he could also speed it up, and then stretch it. The space and geometry of a hockey arena made the game ever so malleable to him, it seemed. The play would find him, the puck would find him. Things just found him.... Someone once observed, to paraphrase: "Like a tennis racquet has a sweet spot, there is a sweet spot in time. And when the time is right, Gretzky goes to that spot."
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