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07-07-2013, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Seat Spartan View Post
I'm also assuming that there was lack of proper insulation for the chillers and pipes from below, is that correct? I was reading a "How Stuff Works" article on ice hockey rinks, and it said that they use an insulating layer of sand & gravel beneath the pipes (which carries the brine refrigerant) to account for expansion & contraction of the concrete slab... It couldn't just be the lack of an even grade, or even the heat coming off the trains and throngs of passengers in Penn Station (boy, this is starting to sound like CSI: MSG )

This reminds me a bit of creating a mini-rink inside my freezer (Yes, I placed a baking sheet and applied a scaled-down setup of ice and rink logos/markings when I had no need to use my oven during the summer months... that's my outlet for hockey withdrawal and stress relief, can you believe that?!? )

EDIT: Found the link!!!
HAHAHAHAHH thats ****ing awesome!!!

Im another one that would love for them to get the ice right (at least the best thats possible in that building) - especially since they are socking so much money into the renovation it would be pointless to not improve the playing surface. I wonder if the new ice was a small part of the decision making process to bring in a new coach and offensive system to the Garden. I bet it was.

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