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07-07-2013, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by nye View Post
Those trades are coming, the ones where a team like Philly is needing to simply send salary away and you can get a good player for nothing or next to nothing. One has to be patient to benefit from them though.

I'm thinking back to the off-season Phx turned it around. They waited patiently on FA day and then as the summer went on they picked up good players at good numbers. They played money-ball.

I'm hoping for something similar in the next couple of months. As said by others, the Oilers have the players they need in most of the skills positions. What they need are the grit and glue veterans to hold the whole ball of wax together. Not only can those players be found in the time left, it is required to wait to get them to get them at good money in most cases.
Another 'believe it when i see it' posts. Will not get these 'glue' guys if everyone is untouchable. This is the big delussion going on with this management and fans. That good bottom 6 players grow on trees, so we can keep every prospect . Wrong.

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