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Originally Posted by Orr Nightmare View Post
I have avoided this mess for long enough...

In our series vs. Boston, Lucic wanted to make McD his ***** and we had no one to even remotely try to offer McD some the past, Prust who was outmatched vs. Lucic would at least engage and remove Lucic from the ice for 5 minutes to open up space.

Lucic crushes soft as pillows Nash in the middle of the year and who defends Nash. I know...we can make them pay other ways...that worked out really well for us.

Now, lets move away from the Bruins...because that is a rarity to build...the Leafs this year will be just as physical if not more physical than the Bruins...the Habs, deemed small and soft with Prust in the lineup...went big in the draft and traded for Parros and signed Nick Taransky and will also have Jarrod Tinordi likely in their lineup

The Sabres...always viewed as a soft team...last year added size and grit...this year...they draft tree trunks in every round.

Every team in the East realizes size and grit and toughness need to be added in addition to talent...because if you have one without the will most likely fail.

It is cute to say we are tough and some guys on our team are tough...hell, every hockey player is tough...but when you hardest hitter is 190 pounds and has one good shoulder you are ****ed.

With the 65th pick in the draft...we take a 170 pound kid who will need 5 years at least to add muscle to his bone thin body and 2 picks later a left shooting dman, Keegan Kanzig goes to Flames, he is 6'7 241, as a 18 year old.

It is nice to go for home run would also be nice to go for big mean mother ****er's as well.

Every year we draft one big guy and everyone else is a small guy who is fast or has a big shot or his father played in the NHL...the Bruins and just about every other team is now drafting 5 big mean ******** and 1 or 2 smaller talented guys.

With the way this team is currently built...we will not make the playoffs.
You just listed the Lucic and Chara effect on that division. I had a discussion with someone who is a big fan of the rough stuff, and its one of those things with these teams piling up, its either you go for that kind of a team, or you have to forego it, because you want have enough horses to win the battle that night.

I will say this, any night a team that can skate that happen to be icing some tough customers that can skate as well, will run up the score on this Ranger team thats being built. There's not gonna be any getting away from that with just McIlrath and Dorsett. Let's see what AV does with the line up, there should be some options to mix and match depending on match ups.

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