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01-09-2004, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD
That isn't true at all.

Boosh stole the starting job from Beezer when he went on a hot streak to close the season. Kinda like the hot streak he is having now. What seperates back-ups from starters is that starters string together an entire season while the back-ups can only manage that level in spurts. Boucher has never had a season where he played at a high level all year. If this 4-game streak could be just another spurt in what has become an inconsistent career.

Boucher was given a secure hold on the starting job. After his rookie run, Boucher gon into a contract dispute for more money. He got it. Flyers moved out Beezer and gave Boucher the starting job on a silver platter. Cechmanek was a late-round after though brought in to back-up Boucher and nothing more. Boucher did have to look behind him and worry about his starting job, but that was because he had to dig those pucks out of the net from all the goals he was giving up. I think he had a month stretch where he didn't have a single game of less than 3 goals. Despite stinking so badly, Ramsey stuck with him. Cechmanek played his way out of the minors and dominated over Boucher, but it wasn't until Ramsey was fired that Barber cut the cord with Boucher and let Cechamnek save our season. Boucher lost the starting job on his own accord. He flat-out sucked.

Even the next season, Boucher was given TWO chances to take over the job again. Cechmanek again started slow, but Boucher didn't capitalize and Cechmanek again grossly outplayed him to push him aside. Mid-season, Cechmanek got hurt. Boucher had a golden opportunity to come in and prove that he is 'the man'. He again failed.

Boucher was given ample opportunity to start here. He just wasn't up to the task. Even this run in Phoenix has to be taken with a grain of salt as it represents 1/3 his action for the season. Boucher could very well just be a back-up who runs hot-and-cold that cannot be counted on for a full season.
From what I remembered, Boucher played well, but the team around him really lacked, and wouldn't score more than a goal or two (if lucky) every game... You can't ask a goalie to win games when the team can't score more than a goal or two.

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