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07-07-2013, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its a simple point, maybe you don't understand weather and the great outdoors.

Its a Sunday. Any golfer, climber, hiker, cyclist, runner, hell anybody that does ANY activity outdoors knows that conditions are better earlier in days, mornings, early afternoons and that thunderstorms and intense systems take place later in the day. This being actual fact.
Starting a game as early as possible is a better, and safer experience for fan and player.

Not sure why I need to be attacked on whats a simple point. I'm sure most people in Hamilton hearing all day about intense weather systems and thunderstorms in the forecast were wondering why the game couldn't start earlier as well. Maybe you noticed but the rain was so intense half the crowd left by the half and the rest before the game ended. With minutes left in the game and Ticats still in the game there was maybe 2000 fans left in the stands.

I'm only belaboring the point in response to all the drivebys to what was just an innocuous, innocent comment.
I don think you were attacked but it was a nonsensical point and you kept on about it like it had merit. It doesn't.

Case in point...please explain how playing a game on a Sunday at 5 Eastern is any different from playing on a Friday at 7 Eastern.

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