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07-07-2013, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by HarlemsFinest View Post
Silva beat Silva. Who's Weidman?
That the biggest cop out ever, and completely untrue! Anderson Silva is a world class fighter that decided that Chris Weidman was absolutely no threat to him. He entered a cage with a man that was trying to beat the crap out of him, and chose to approach the fight the way he did. Like a cocky over confident champion.

Silva has done this before to lesser, and various degree's, and most of those guys ended up getting their faces kicked in, choked out or tapped. Chris Weidman didn't, Anderson as trivial as he tried to make the fight look, couldn't hurt Weidman. He did virtually no damage, no take downs, only a handful of significant strikes and whether Dana White or Weidman want to admit it, Silva was trying to embarrass Weidman.

Then, Weidman decided to step on the gas a bit more and pushed forward with the punch combination that would then knock Silva out. Silva can defend himself, and chose to try and make Weidman's "average" striking look silly by just dodging his punches with head movements... which then resulted in a Weidman left smashing that idiots jaw into next week.

Bottom line, you can't say Silva beat himself, he's the greatest fighter of all time that can end a fight with one strike of any kind, he could not do that last night, Weidman did.

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