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07-07-2013, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Mover View Post
I'm surprised they talked about this in the US. Thanks a lot.

I know someone who lives there but he told me he was safe, fortunately.

For those who can understand French, I watched this video earlier today:

This is heartbreaking.
Pretty hard to follow, but what I'm getting from the video is that at least two of his sons and their wives were together at the time of the explosion. When it occurred, the eldest son grabbed his wife and bolted, telling his younger brother to follow because they needed to gtfo. The younger brother, named Gaetan, said "i need to get my wife", but didn't make it out alive . The one that did make ran with his wife down an entire road and over a bridge to get out of the growing flames' path. Both suffered serous burns. Whether or not the wife lived is unclear to me, because he said God spared two, and he mentioned another son Pascal that escaped the blaze because he left 10 minutes before the explosion to ho see his kids.

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