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10-26-2006, 12:52 PM
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Ok I'm new to this board... but you'll be seeing me more often. Ok first off, it's a game that the habs NEED to win and WILL. Check this:

1-Habs have beat boston 5 in a row, they seem to play strong against them. Yes, boston has added Chara, but other than that the deffence still has holes. And habs have added some more scoring power from last year

2-Huet has shut them out 3 times.... in a row last year. Hes always played a focused game, and he has a lot to prove, after letting in some softies against Buffalo. He wants to be the number 1. he will.

3-The habs work well on the road... they lost to shicago, but theyve played solid road games, and Huet is more calm and focused I find.

4- The line juggling is a great idea by Carbo. I don't like the fact the Sammy is down to the forth, but it's definatly gonna get the guys to realize that they need to perform up to their standards... and to match their unbelievably insane salaries. Sergei will perform well tonight, and he'll give Bostons fourth line a thrill with his speed and puck handling... I hope he scores.

5-SPECIAL TEAMS. Boston is ummmmm.... well sucking as of now. and they've played teams that are only average on the pk and pp (Buffalo excluded) Montreal should put in a couple on the PP and they should also get the momentum on their side with solid PK kills.

Expect Huet to play well tonight, and look for a goal from the second line at least one. Habs WILL take this game and improve to 5-2-2...... Oh and I ohpe Buffalo loses tonight.. they are a team with few flaws and excellent skating and goal scoring, but their constant winning is FU^%&^# annoying!


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