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07-08-2013, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
The OP asked "who is the most valuable going forward," not "who was the most valuable last year." As usual, the HF community is really willing to go out on a limb with predictions, as I'm sure a similar poll last year/during the lockout would have found Eberle to be our most valuable.

You're basing your opinion of RNH on a season where his shoulder seriously limited what he was able to do. "Evaluating on potential for far too long" applies to Hemsky age 25-28 where we were still waiting for him to break out. Nuge just turned 20 less than 3 months ago. Are you trying to tell me he has plateaued?
I'm absolutely not trying to tell you that RNH has plateaued. I think and hope he will be great for us.

What I'm telling you though, is that Taylor Hall was the 9th leading scorer in the league this season. The best LWer in the NHL. We haven't had a top 10 scorer in the league in over 10 years. RNH has the potential to maybe be a top 10 player in his position. Taylor Hall is that right now and he's 21 years old.

Maybe RNH will be more valuable than Hall. Could happen. But it's not even close to being a sure bet.

I do find it interesting that everyone says that RNH has the unique skill set. Taylor Hall has a physical skill set that none of the other kids can touch. It's funny how many people talk about this team needing a left wing power forward. Taylor Hall is that.

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