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07-08-2013, 04:00 AM
boots electric
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Welp. Just got out of the emergency room a few hours ago.

Woke up yesterday morning with the most excruciating pain in my boys someone just stomped them as hard as they could while I was sleeping. Intense stomach cramps, shooting pains up my sides and back. That saying about pain so bad it makes you weak in the knees? Yeah, it's really true; I needed two people to help me out of bed, carry me to the car, and then into the emergency room. The cramps were so bad and so persistent I actually tore some muscle fiber in my abdomen, making any sort of bending or flexing complete agony.

Test after test after test to figure out what was going on downstairs (including one gem that involved three very long q-tips of increasing diameter) and it turns out I've got a pretty serious infection in my epididymis. Best-case scenario is that I'm weaker than a newborn for the next week or so while the antibiotics do their work. Worst-case scenario is I'll need a couple crucial components to be taken out of my reproductive system (ie: I'll be adopting if I ever want kids)

As for where it came from, the doctor said the most likely explanation is a minor urinary tract infection that managed to make the jump into my reproductive system to find a nice and cozy new home.

The lesson here: love your boys forever and always, because you never know when they'll turn heel and try to kill you

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