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07-08-2013, 06:51 AM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
see, this is the mentality that kills me... Forsberg MAY turn out to be good but he could still Blum himself right out of the league or simply be the next Erat, which would be very good but not great.

A signed Vanek, is an immediate infusion of 30-35 goals and its not like the guys is ancient.
LOL. So we clamor for an elite prospect, a kid who should've been taken top 5 in last years draft but fell because of a run on a defensemen, much like how Jones fell this year with a run on forwards, yet we should throw him away because he could Blum himself AND because it gives us a goal scorer. Wow. Vanek, while a very good player is not an elite player. Forsberg has the potential to be an elite player and forgive me for wanting to give him the chance to pan out.

I have seen your posts lately and while you want the team to get back on its feet right away, you're wanting to sell the farm now to give up long term viability. Vanek should be good for another 5-6 years if his body doesn't break down, Forsberg should be good for the next 15-16 years. If we were on the cusp of needing that one extra piece to become Stanley Cup contenders and Vanek would push us over the top, sure, trade Forsberg and go for it. We aren't. I'd hate for Vanek to be Niewendyk and Forsberg to be Iginla and while that sounds sexy, we aren't winning the Cup this year. Poile is building for the future at this point. This team is a good year away from being a contender as some of the young kids get their legs under them.

So every time we get a good prospect we should trade them because they might Blum themselves? That may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You are a big Poile and Trotz supporter. Do you not have the belief and faith in them that they can develop Forsberg in to the player everyone thinks that he is? Any player that is drafted or traded for could ***** the bed. Yet how many of those players are elite level prospects. Maybe we should trade Jones for Coburn while we're at it since Coburn is a good player and Jones could Blum himself.

Me personally, I'd rather run with the kids in the system and watch them develop together in to something then trading them off for a guy who's almost 30 who might score 25-30 goals playing on our team and may not even fit. Granted, Forsberg may never fit either but if he doesn't, it doesn't cost us very much, with Vanek, we're giving up an elite prospect and having to pay him big money to play here. Sorry but that doesn't entice me very much to want to make that sort of move.

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