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07-08-2013, 07:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Maybe a bit late to the party but I'm with stv on this one. You might say that it's a small sample size still, but look at the best Swiss NHL players. Nothing has changed in the last 10 years, even if a lot more Swiss players are trying their luck in the CHL/AHL now than 10 years ago. Our starplayers all came straight out of Switzerland. Josi, Streit, Hiller, Diaz, Brunner. There is no indication that a player who developed in north america will be a better NHLer than a guy who developped in Switzerland. If he has the talent, he will be in the NHL, otherwise not.
Of course something has changed in the last 10 years... I my mind even a lot... After the Lockout that cancelled the whole 2004-05 NHL-season, the NHL (as we all know) did a major overhaul on their playing rules... And I belive one country that has benfited the most from the rule enforcement is Switzerland... You could say, that the NHL has addapted itself for Swiss-Players to play in... Now I'm not saying, that all your mentioned players are not talented, but I'm pretty sure none of them would have been considered sure-fire NHL-Players in the pre-rule enforcement time...

Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Therefore I also think that it's sad that a player like Andrighetto refuses to play for Geneva so that he can play thirdline minutes in Hamilton, even if there is no guarantee that it will benefit his career. We should wake up and also look for our NLA in our own country. It is still the Swiss junior clubs that give those players the opportunity to play competitive hockey, who teach them how to shoot and skate. But with 16-18 more and more of those players seem to leave for north america. What is the benefit of that? A good player will always be a good player, whether it's in the NHL or in the NLA.
Of course it's sad, that Andrighetto will not play in Switzerland... But again, if his goal is the NHL and the Canadiens want him in a couple of years in their NHL-Team they want him close so they can monitor him (as I mentioned some post above)... Then, there is no indication, that an offensive forward like Sven will play 3rd line... You believe everything a random guy in an internet-forum tells you? As long his coach doesn't tell this, there is nothing that makes me belive crap like this... And then again, who tells you, that Andrighetto would have played another role in Geneva? For god sake, it's Chris McSorley and he will tell you everything that you want to hear as long as he gets your signatur under his contract... You realy believe Dave Sutter was told that he is going to play in Martigny after his sting in Northamerica? No way... McSorley is one of the most smartest hockey-minds in Switzerland, but I would never trust him to far...

Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Would you say Weinhandl is a worse player because he wasn't able to grab a NHL spot?
Weinhandl???? Weinhandl had a serious eye injury even before he could start his NHL-Career... He even made it to the NHL with approx. 10% vision on his left eye... What made you bring up that comparison?

Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Is Josi a worse player because - the WC showed it - he is an even better player on the big ice as on the small ice? A guy like Zetterberg wasn't worlds better as Brunner in Zug. With all respect, of course those players are in the NHL for some reason, but the size of the ice surface has a biiiig influence on the "status" of a player. And yes, I would go as far and say that guys like Josi or Brunner would be way better on the big ice than some of the NHL players who are better than them in the NHL.
So basically your saying, that Hockey is different on big ice and small ice... Which makes up my point even more, since there is no reason Andrighetto would make better progress towards the NHL in Switzerland... And I say it again: The question is not about the developement of a player (as I agree with stv11 and you, that he would make similar progress in Switzerland and Northamerica), but to prepar him for a professional career in the NHL and again we are far, far away from being a good league for a player to prepare for the NHL...

Originally Posted by Supersonic View Post
Long story short, I find it sad that fans in Switzerland miss out on more and more young Swiss talents because they think they need to present them to the NHL GMs, even if there is no guarantee that it will benefit their careers. Maybe NHL GMs should start being a bit less ignorant. Hockey world is changing fast.
Thank god, there is a difference between a Hockey-Businessman and a Hockey-Fan... They concern will always be their own team and never will be Switzerland or another league in Europe... Why should it be? They're hired to manage their respective NHL-Team and not Fans in Switzerland or another Eurpean-League...

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