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07-08-2013, 09:12 AM
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I've lived in dc. I've lived in philly , I've lived on the mainline and I've lived in the northern virginia suburbs.

I'll say this, philly is a much more blue collar town, with more of an identity and background. You meet someone from philly and you feel a connection because you share a similar identity. You meet someone from NOVA or DC and there really isn't the same type of feeling because within those areas there is such diversity among the backgrounds of people. My roommates are from ghana, and Japan. I've dated women from Ethiopia, Palestine, South Africa,South Korea, india, and the Philippines. My current girlfriend is from China.

While DC may not have a culture to it, i feel there is such a strong international presence here for obvious reasons. That type of setting is unique to only new york. Also this place is recession proof. The federal government creates such a stable job market for the whole area. However i do think there is a bubble to this community. This area is not a realistic representation of america. This place is low crime, affluent, diverse, and expensive. When i leave the bubble and go back to philly it takes some time to adjust.

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