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Originally Posted by Rafik Soliman View Post
Also, it's always easy to bring up the positive thing first...

What about Roman Wick, who did exactly what you and stv11 are considering... Playing in the WHL, getting drafted then returned to Switzerland and later signed an ELC... Quit after his first year AHL and not realizing his chances with the Sens, because he saw more money in Switzerland and maybe left his Guitar there I don't now...

What about Ambühl? Or now Gregory Hofmann... Do you believe they will get a 2nd chance after quitting once or denied an ELC-Offer just because they are playing regularly in the NLA?
Those three players are very different cases. Wick is the only one that can be compared to Andrighetto. He played in the WHL, returned to the NLA and developped into a player capable of a dominant performance at the Olympics, not exactly a bad career path. Then he ended up with an NHL team who didn't seem to count on him and decided to return, and now he's arguably to as good as he was before leaving.

Ambühl's case is different because he never was an NHL prospect until later in his career, his first opportunity to play in North America came when he was already at his best level. Unfortunately, it seems he choosed a team who just wanted some depth and never cared that much for him.

Hofmann is still in the early stages of his career. Unlike Ambühl and Wick, he hasn't showed what he can do with the national team. We can however say that moving to Davos was a good career choice, after wasting one year playing for a coach who didn't count on him.

Anyway, of course developping in the NLA is not a surefire way to become an NHL player and cases like Wick are bound to happen. But going the AHL route has only worked for Aebischer so far, which is a poor track record considering how many Swiss players gave it a try.

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