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07-08-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Viper View Post
I don't see many, if any, people calling for an enforcer.
Not openly, but the group that's arguing to trade for or sign larger players for "toughness" is composed of the same names that always seem to be advocating a new Rangers Goon of the Week. This discussion absolutely reeks of that argument. It seems to me it's just going under a different name.

Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
Yep and so move on and stop using this line every time people point out that you and others don't see the value of tough hockey players If Lucic was a Rangers his ugly mug would be on billboards city wide as a hero
1. No it wouldn't. The City doesn't care THAT much about hockey.

2.Oh my god, can we get off of Lucic? The guy is an anomaly. A 30/30 player who can hit like he does, take a hit like he does, AND drop the gloves is beyond rare. He's Boston's version of Adam Graves.

Throwing a bunch of tough guys out on the ice doesn't make a team tough to play against. It's a style. Finishing every check, getting into scrums if you have to. We hear over and over, oh "No one's scared of Girardi/Callahan/Staal/XYZ". Guess what, there aren't many, if any available players who can legitimately scare a professional hockey player, playing at the highest level, and STILL PLAY THE GAME.

There's nothing wrong with the Bruins. They have a great, solid team, full of really tough, skilled guys. But we just watched the Blackhawks not only beat them with skill, but play a game that was JUST as tough, and never backed down an inch from them.

We've seen the Rangers try to out work teams. Grind it out. Manufacture offense. And all you heard was complaining. Hell, I LOVED the "blue collar hockey" mantra going on. Out work, out work, out work, that's all you heard. And then our offense horses dried up. We sacrificed some of those hard working players for more skilled ones. Torts couldn't seem to recapture that insane work ethic, and the team came out noticeably BLAH. So now we're going to see something else tried. They need an identity. That falls on the coach, and the leadership. But going out and trying left and right to find our "perfect powerforward" isn't going to bring the team any closer to a team concept.

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