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07-08-2013, 11:36 AM
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I'm from the Philadelphia area originally, and I went down to DC at 18 for undergrad studies.

The city was awesome for the first 5-6 years. By the 7th year it was just progressively getting more annoying from the metro on weekends for work to the people and the tourists and just everything.

I moved back into Philly about 2 months ago.

That said, true Caps fans are awesome, but they're just like true fans of Florida, Tampa Bay, and Carolina. There's maybe a little more of them than the other organizations, but the truth is that most of the Capitals "fans" are little more than Redskins fans jumping on the Caps because for a while they were the only winning program. Since the Caps started to fall off a bit with the downfall of Ovechkin, they switched over to the next winning program, which is the Nationals.

The Caps also have the unenviable scenario of being in a transplant city, so not only are a large chunk of the people going to the Caps games and cheering for them not actual Caps fans, they're transplants just looking for cool things to do in the city before moving on.

So not only do you get an heavy mix of annoying rich kids and interns looking to kill time, but you also get a nice wealth of bandwagoners.

I will say that their organization and fanbase is much broader than others in the now defunct SE division, but they also have other significantly annoying issues to contend with.

To top it all off, they're not the Flyers and don't have the financial ability nor the program commitment that the Philadelphia based organization has.

Both organizations have a wealth of young fans. Philadelphia has more of a tradition through older generations though, and the young fans that the Flyers have, for the most part of what I've seen around Philly, are fairly loyal to the Orange and Black as their first organization as opposed to the Eagles and Phillies and Sixers.

What you get in Philadelphia is an awesome mix of generations along with a nice healthy influx of college age kids who grew up through the Legion of Doom, the post-Lindros era, the Richards + Carter era, and now the Giroux-era as kids are now in their late teens and early 20's.

DC is another period of struggle away from falling back down particularly because their fanbase appeal is more towards transplants and interns than locals.

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