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Originally Posted by kentuckyrebel View Post
I began watching hockey in this years playoffs with a friend who is a blackhawks fan since then I've recently started learning to play hockey in an adult learn to play league. I've had a blast over the past month learning to play and I am looking for a team. I've narrowed my list down to the Flyers and Capitals and I'm asking both teams fans to make a case for their team. I will be traveling for 3 or 4 days to the city of whatever team I pick next season as well. I've traveled to DC 4 different times, but never to Philadelphia, so please tell me what's some of the fun stuff to do in Philly (at this point I don't know what will cause me to make my final decision I'm just hoping for some help).
Philly is easily a much better sports town than DC. Its not even close.

DC has many transplants, whereas Philly has born and bred local fans. Its not even close. And I really like DC as a city - its great, but sports wise, Philly hands down.

skimmed around, but did anyone even mention Xfinity Live and the sports complex? Easily one of the best sports complexes in the country. Everything all in one place with public transportation.

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