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07-08-2013, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Gustafsson View Post
Cons Philly: The fans are passionate but often borderline on the obscene and outrageous. The arena is located off of I-95 and is a royal pain in the butt with traffic and parking. The Flyers are often reduced to 4th fiddle in the Philly sports media so don't expect any worthwhile coverage. Opposing fanbases hate the Flyers and their fans more than pretty much any other team. Flyers fans are thick as thieves but are resented across the world. The Flyers LOVE to trade. This is exciting and could be good unless you end up liking and certain player. Chances are they WILL be traded.... Lindros, LeCalir, Recchi, Richards, Carter, JVR, Bobrovsky, etc.
For the most part, Flyers fans are pretty well-versed and educated about their sport. It's the guys who are more fans of the Eagles, Phillies, and Sixers that have a hard time keeping up with the hockey discussion.

These are the people that make absurd comments and discussion.

Truth be told, actual Flyers fans are as knowledgeable a fan base as almost any in the NHL. Just because people call into 94.7 after hearing about the Lecavalier signing doesn't mean they're Flyers fans. Most actually put the Flyers in 4th. I know this because most Flyers fans don't pay much attention to the media in Philadelphia. They have no reason to unless Paul Holmgren has a press conference on CSN.

The public transportation factor negates the parking problem. Our stadium complex is awesome and easy to get to.

The only legit cons in your paragraph are that we players move around a lot so your favorite players might not stay your favorite forever (this seems like a cop out though since players don't really stay lifelong players anymore on any team in any sport) and the shot at the Philadelphia media, which is very true. Our media coverage for the Flyers blows, which is why we have a lot of idiot fans of other sports commenting on how well the Flyers are doing with regularly disastrous results.

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