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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
Some of those people yes, but sure as hell isn't me or the whole group.

We got rid of Torts because we don't want to do those hard working things anymore. ***** Nash and company want to just loaf around in the neutral zone waiting for a pass from the D. I should say for me, I have no problems with back end. They're not soft. The forwards on the other hand? Probably the softest group of forwards in the league. We saw that with the *****ing that obviously came from them that got torts fired.

Nash, Hags, MZA, Brass, Richards, Pyatt are all particularly soft.
Step, Kreider, Poul are average.
Cally, Boyle, Moore, Dorsett play with an edge.

So that as a numbers game already looks soft. More soft guys than anything else. But then when you start looking at the TOI guys are going to be getting and it gets real scary for us. Three of the four guys who play with an edge are fourth line guys. At least four of the soft guys are top six guys, one clearly top line. That's easy for other teams to play against, especially since these soft "skill" guys aren't all that skilled.

So that's where my problem resides. I can accept that we're not going to be the most skilled team, we haven't tanked for half a decade or more. But that means you have to play with an edge, and we can't right now because too many of our guys either refuse (Nash amongst others) or can't (MZA amongst others) or a little of both

And Sather proved he's not looking for them to play with an edge by caving to the weak's demands and firing a guy who demanded your effort for a guy who is used to coddling highly skilled guys. AV used to barely ever have the Sedins play in their own zone. This is only going to make our soft players bad habits worse.
I'm going to dispute that most of the players you mentioned are soft. Hags doesn't lay massive hits, but he's good on the boards, and he hits early and often.

Zucc throws the body. It sure as hell doesn't do much, but he, again, doesn't back down. He's one of the few players I'll say is too small to do some damage. But he's a firey little hobbit.

Pyatt, man I don't ****ing know with this guy. He was really good for us in the playoffs. Like, he played WELL. If he does that full time, I'd keep him. He destroyed OV at one point, not an easy thing to do.

Step and Kreider are average at the moment. Stepan gets more and more physical every year. I was very happy. Kreider, again, we don't really know. He doesn't engage, and then he goes out there and terrorizes the Bruins D. I don't know what to expect.

Nash is not soft. He's not overly physical, if that's what you mean, but there's a difference. We saw him lay hits when he first came here, but that stopped in favor of focusing on offense. Because that's what Nash was brought to do, to score, score, and score again.

Now, CONCUSSED Rick Nash is soft. Because, you know, his brain had slammed against the inside of his skull a few times.

Now, You know I'm a Torts fan. I liked the attitude he brought, I liked the accountability, the hard work, the discipline. I wouldn't have fired him. I'm also not furious about it, because there's a solid chance that he's no longer the right coach for the team. I think he's a very good coach who had a very, very bad season. I think Richards and Gaborik forgetting how to hockey KILLED us. Gaborik, Richards, Nash, Hagelin, Callahan, Stepan. That top 6 should KILL. But, it didn't. I'm not sure that had anything to do with Torts, but he didn't mitigate it very well.

I think you're taking his firing a little hard, and blaming it on Rick Nash is illogical. Sather fired him, Sather has a different image for the team. I want a team with skilled players who are willing to play tough. I'm HOPING we're moving in that direction

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