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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
And some people have poo-pooed the new division playoffs saying that it will get boring... guess they weren't into the NHL last time we had a setup like this!
First NHL game I ever went to was the Blues vs the North Stars in the old St. Louis Arena. I sat behind the Stars goal for $18 which was next to the Zamboni entrance where they let the opposing teams on/off the ice. When the North Stars came onto the ice they rolled out a large plywood box in the Zamboni entrance that everyone beat on and shouted obscenities at the players. It was truly my first encounter with an unleashing of emotion not unlike the Roman Mob of old.

Trust me that I saw many more fights in the stands at the old Arena/Checkerdome in St. Louis for Hawks/Blues games than I ever did on the ice. That said, you could also get seats on the glass for $30 in the '80s as well, which put blue-collar brewery workers and 'union-thugs' from Chicago in close quarters. $2 for a beer and quick lines at the communal urinals also didn't help a lot either!

Not likely to happen in Nashville at the prices charged now IMO; but things will get testy in close quarters as familiarity breeds contempt in a rival.

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