Thread: Kings News: Jarret Stoll Rushed to Hospital
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07-08-2013, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Minor Boarding View Post
Calm down people, let the professionals do their job and get the cause of the seizure...
Torres got suspended, the Kings went on to the conference finals.
Lets not turn into a "hating" fanbase like some others are on hf.

Here's to speedy recovery Stollsy...
I don't know. I mean I hated Torres for his absolutely garbage shot to the head of Hossa and felt that he should have never been allowed to play the game again. I person he is a total dirtbag (i have met him and it is my opinion) who has a "sooooooorrrrrrry" nod and a wink attitude about his actions. I have only met 3 really awful people in over 30 years of working in hockey and Torres is right there with Laurie Boshman and Chris Pronger.

Everyone else from Tiger to Knuckles and beyond played by a certain code. Since fighting has been pretty much eliminated from the game rogue elements are allowed to go out and behave themselves in what can only been seen at least a reckless manner without any regard for any other player and at worst behaving in a manner that they hope will cause serious injury as a result of their actions.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that fighting is *the* only reason for the dramatic increase in serious player injuries, I am merely saying that there weren't as many totally bullcrap cheapshots happening before fighting was gutted down to the "exhibition bouts" that we see today.

Torres shouldn't have had the opportunity to have possibly ruined Stoll's career with his intentional and deliberate attack. He should have been out of the game after the Hossa hit. He had been suspended for two extremely careless and intentional infractions prior to possibly ending Stolls career.

He has been suspended 3 x's for a total of 33 games and warned or fined five times.

If the NHL doesn't tell Torres he is on a 1 and done leash for the rest of his career then they can shove their game. For me it isn't that it is Stoll or at least not entirely. It is that this is a player who ruined Prossers career and got 25 games for what has changed a phenomenal player like Hossa's too. Now he may well indeed have caused some serious damage to another players career.

When and where will it end? I suffer today with a seizure disorder that was the result largely of my time playing hockey and I can tell you that in my experience as well as many other players that I know who have had similar experiences the truth is that those kinds of injuries stay with you.

I don't want to see any hockey player lower themselves to Torres garbage standard and fight him, the guy can't fight or at least not with the kind of people who he would need to in order to answer for his actions.

I want him out of the game. His suspension should have been for 41 games for his hit on Stoll. The fact that he had only recently returned from a 25 game suspension only to be suspended again for what the league itself deemed to be reckless and resulted in an injury should have been enough to take away at least half a season as well as a big cash fine.

We have seen an escalation in the guys bullcrap and I think enough is enough.

So I don't hate the Sharks, I think they have a great fanbase and are fun rivals.

I don't hate Torres, I just think the league should pull his card for the results of his tragically careless and reckless actions as well as the amount of harm that they have caused.

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