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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
You are not taking all the variables into keep trying to pound home a point that only seems to matter to you. Anyone that doesnt agree with your contention that the game should be earlier is told they dont understand weather.
A little

For starters (the point I was trying to make in my previous comment) if the game is play on a Friday evening or a Sunday evening the same weather phenomenas will be in play here so the day is irrelevant from a weather perspective. This matters because Friday night 7:00 pm games are a traditional day/start time for the Ticats.
That had to be changed due to the stadium being 50+ km's out of town. That in and of itself makes getting to the stadium a challenge. Maybe (due to the extensive travel involved) the team consulted with the fans about preferred start times prior to the season. Maybe they preferred late afternoon games. The team has scheduled highway coaches at 5 different pickup locations for each game. They will arrive at the stadium an hour before start time. Maybe that played a role in the game start time. Aside form the TV schedule influencing game times there are a number of variables to consider here.
You considered none of them.

The fact is that your weather rant was decidedly myopic and anyone that saw things differently apparently 'just didnt understand weather'.
All because you were bothered by the rain.

Maybe it was you that failed to understand and take into consideration a few possible reasons for the start time?

You want the last word, have it.

You're interested apparently in prolonging this exchange for no reason by ridiculing what was a perfectly reasonable observation. No need to continue arguing.

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