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Originally Posted by JesusBouillon View Post
They said the train had pneumatic brakes... I'm not sure how those function on trains, but from the info I gathered the firemen stopped the train's engine to put down the fire, shutting down the air supply to the brakes, so once there was no air in the system there wasn't any brake to stop the train.

It surprises me as pneumatic systems on 18 wheelers are made especially so that once the air goes out of the system the parking/emergency brakes are activated by a mechanical system.
That's interesting, thanks for filling me in on this. It just seems to get stranger and stranger by the minute.

I also understood that the actual locomotive part had detached from the rest of the train and just kept going down the tracks to stop many km's later where they were able to retrieve the "black box", similar to what they have on aircraft to help understand what went wrong.

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