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07-08-2013, 02:34 PM
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I remember my senior year of high school. I really trained hard for that year, big year obviously. That summer was a huge stepping stone of my hockey progress. I also remember not joining soccer or football that year and focusing on hockey. Tried out for a few Junior and travel teams (the travel teams eventually dispersed for my year, the junior leagues requested more money then we could pay; all in all good experiences but focus only on HS hockey basically).

I even conditioned better. Started lifting a bit more. Went to cross country practices to improve leg strength and cardio.

I worked on my skills in my driveway, I went to open hockey a lot.

I was ready.
But it was def not easy for me either. We had a lack of depth and due to chemistry I was put on a weaker talented line. Good guys, we really did well and I liked it but if I could go back I would def try to get those lines changed because we stacked the first line and left my line as some sort of defensive line.

There are like 16 games in the season when I played.
The first 6 games I had 2 goals, 3 assists. No where near where I wanted to be. My line struggled, my team struggled and I struggled.

Then in game 7 we played our school's rivals. Found out late my stick had broke so my dad bought me a new one. I decided on this RBK 7k Pro stock stick. I use to only use wood and 2 piece sticks. This stick was like from heaven itself hahaha.

I went out and scored 4 goals, think I even had 2 assists. The next 7-8 games I scored at least one goal per game and I think my team went above .500 finally. I believe I even had 2-3 games with multiple goals and 1 more with a hatrrick.

I basically lit it up from one stick difference. I mean, I contribute that a lot to the stick. Finding one that suits me with its evenly distributed weight, light weight but preferred flex. But its also mental.

Try to change things up. Any little bit helps. White tape.... white stick! Cage?

Overall though... focus on your practice. Work on different shooting approaches like I said. And remember one thing I believe Messier once said

Continue to play to hard, play to your strengths. Do what your team needs of you and you will get the goals in due time

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