Thread: Beginners: scoring drought
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07-08-2013, 02:49 PM
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Just because your accuracy is better doesn't mean you know where to shoot to score goals. Goalies train to stop the shots you practice. Start picking different locations to shoot at. It's not glorious but I find I catch goalies napping a lot on low wide shots. Also try to not telegraph your shot as much, that helps the goalie see or guess where your shot is going. I like to fake like I'm passing and just throw the puck low on the inside. I also like wide angle shots that most goalies don't expect you to shoot from, like the goal line wide. I've netted a few from bouncing them off the goalies shoulder or head.

Try putting a big rubber trash can in front of your practice net and shooting around that from different angles, helps build your accuracy more than just picking corners.

Another tip, if you don't have the puck, rush the net and wait for it to pop out in front. I like to be about 5 feet in front of the crease waiting for the pass or rebound. Crashing the net will get you goals more than the high slot or trying to cut into the net while you have the puck.

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