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07-08-2013, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
Losing Grabo was the mistake. One might not recognize it, but Bernier makes them a better team in a much more subtle way. I have no reservations with the addition of Clarkson, the contract though is a huge liability. Top to bottom. When he doesn't meet organization expectations, it's going to be really difficult to move him for anything they have lost in the opportunity cost of Grabovski.
I'm not sure how adding an unproven backup makes them better.

The part that stuck out for me in the Mirtle article was this:

He well may. Its even possible Clarkson can turn from something other than a power forward and chip in in other areas later in the contract. The problem with that scenario is that he makes $5.25-million a year, and if hes not producing 15-plus goals with some physical play thrown in, hes probably not providing much value at that number.
Is that the sad state of our league? 15 goals for $5.25m.

The worst part of that contract is that years 4 and 5 are for $7m in real cash, so it's not like that is an attractive contract to a cap floor team.

I have no reason why Nonis didn't front load it. That contract might be the worst deal in the league, as early as next year.

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