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"Study" of the NHL teams under the Old Alignment

Preface/Introduction: When I heard that the Old NHL Alignment had existed from the year 1994 I thought to myself "I wonder how each team did under it, which teams flourished, and which teams did not."

If someone else has done a study like this feel free to delete this one.

Purpose: I wanted to see each individual year for each team, and see the total combination over the course of these 19 years. I also wanted to see what that would average out to in a 82 game year (during the 19 years only 16 were played at 82 games, with two played at 48 and 1 at 84).
I also kept track of the playoff victories, losses; series won, Stanley Cups won, and playoff appearances.
I also took the average season records (adjusted to 82 games) and showed roughly were each team would place in their division and conference.
I suppose this is my sort of memorial for the Old Format


This is my first time uploading a google document, so if it doesn't work, chances are I won't know how to fix it unless someone tells me, then i will do my best to fix the link as quickly as possible.

I did this out of fun/boredom, so if there are any mistakes please feel free to point them out (in a respectful manner of course
and if you have any ideas for improvement, or things you'd like to see, I will see if i can get to those.

Results I just want to say a few things that I noticed
-every team had a bad season at least once... except Detroit. Seriously over 19 years they never had a bad season.
-Toronto overall was better than I thought they were
-Tampa Bay was the only cup winning team to have a losing record overall
-Philadelphia did better than Pittsburgh in almost every category except winning the Stanley Cup
-New Jersey and Detroit were the only teams to win over 800 games in the past 19 years
-the New York Islanders were the worst team
-The amount of Ties and Overtime/Shootout losses that Florida had is almost ridiculous level.

There you have it.

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