Thread: Kings News: Jarret Stoll Rushed to Hospital
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07-08-2013, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by markisonfire View Post
Well said. What can be done, though? At the risk of sounding ridiculous, can we petition the league to re-evaluate his suspensions or something?
I have put tons of thought into this and to be honest with you it will take a death for anything to significantly change.

The NHL has decided to allow people with no experience and even at times a careless disregard for the safety of its players run and staff the safety committee.

In order for it to change either a heinous retaliatory attack that seriously injures a player like Torres will have to happen (causing serious backlash) or a filthy hack of garbage like Torres (he isn't alone) will have to send some to the morgue or leave them paralyzed.

At the last GM meetings there were 3 separate workshops for how to improve player safety and in each of them the question of how much the NHLPA will allow them to try and find a solid fix for the escalating amount of serious injuries caused by careless play.

I found it interesting that the GM's are concerned about what the NHLPA will allow because the NHLPA feels the exact same way.

So to my way of seeing the game we as fans have little that we can do to voice our displeasure with how things are being run.

I don't want to see Torres injured under any circumstance but neither do I want to see him ruin another players career. I suppose as a grass roots effort we could buy add space proposing that all hockey fans contact the league with their thoughts/feelings on how they feel about the way the league is handling these kind of things.

I doubt the NHL does anything about this but I am a bit of a fatalist when it comes to the current mgmt of the league.

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