Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: [EDM] Oilers sign Boyd Gordon (3 years, $3M AAV)
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07-08-2013, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by stardog View Post
While I understand the premise of what youre saying, I disagree with the premise of your first statement. There were quite a few deals which were reasonable.
A lot of the deals were ridiculous in terms of either money or length, or even both (the two main TML deals come to mind, Iginla for 6mill and the Flyers signing Lecavalier), but some were shrewd deals for fair market value.
The Flyers signing Ray Emery
The Wild had two good signings in Matt Cooke and Ballard.
PM Bouchard for 1 year and only 2 million? Good deal.
Khudobin was a great pickup for Carolina.
Max Lapierre for 1.1 was a good deal.

I can keep going but the point is that not EVERY UFA signing has to be an overpayment.
IMO, Gordon at 3 million is overpaying. Having said that, I still think that this was a great signing for the Oil and it will have a very positive affect on the yeam. He is useful in many areas where the Oil seemed to lack.
So while he isnt worth 3 million in a vacuum, he is worth it to the Oil if that makes sense because he helps in more ways in clear area's of need.

So, to sum up, Gordon at 3 million is an overpayment. And It was still a good signing by the team.
That's great, but those players are barely worth their current contracts and if those are the only names you can come up with that are "fair value" then you should see the flaw in your logic. They definitely weren't top of their class. Matt Cooke, Ballard, and Lapierre? What a laugh!

Gordon, however, is likely a name you've never heard of until free agency so it's only natural that you consider him an overpayment. One of the better defensive centers you'll find in FA this year. a 3rd liner for sure, not much offense. But ask any Yote fan the element he brought to their team. Might not be worth the $3M this year, but once the cap raises to $75M and beyond who cares.

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