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07-08-2013, 06:36 PM
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I think OP's point is getting overlooked here...this isn't a braggart thread, this is a "What would Lupul command in this market versus what he got." I remember his previous deal was under some scrutiny. However, in this market it's looking like a real good deal.

It took Lupul a real long time to recover from Hatcher decimating him. It seems he finally has with the TML, which makes me happy since I've always been a fan of his game. The past two seasons he's been on a rough PPG clip. While Clarkson has had 2 seasons at a .5 PPG pace, add in his other elements and I don't think he quite equals Lupul's value. Factor in points being worth more than intangible, and I think it's far to say Lupul would get close to $6.5M/year in this market. Same can be said of Horton that was said of Clarkson.

GMs are paying more for past production with a smaller sample size, at longer terms, hoping they'll exceed the contract. Instead of earning the contracts, players are being asked to live up to them.

Giroux, for instance, my favorite player, was given elite money based on 3 seasons of an overall PPG pace. Do I think he has elite talent and will be elite? Yes. Do I think he's earned the money that more decorated players have received, such as Getzlaf, Perry and Crosby? No way. It's just the market now, deals are a lot harder to come by.

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