Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: [EDM] Oilers sign Boyd Gordon (3 years, $3M AAV)
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07-08-2013, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
That's great, but those players are barely worth their current contracts and if those are the only names you can come up with that are "fair value" then you should see the flaw in your logic. They definitely weren't top of their class. Matt Cooke, Ballard, and Lapierre? What a laugh!

Gordon, however, is likely a name you've never heard of until free agency so it's only natural that you consider him an overpayment. One of the better defensive centers you'll find in FA this year. a 3rd liner for sure, not much offense. But ask any Yote fan the element he brought to their team. Might not be worth the $3M this year, but once the cap raises to $75M and beyond who cares.
Wow brother, did I make you mad or something?
You missed the entire point of naming names. Perhaps read the post I responded to understand what I was saying?

And youre right. Ive never heard of Boyd Gordon, so I wouldnt know exactly how he fills several needs and fills several holes on the Oil line up. Nor do I watch enough hockey to know what the holes are on the Oil that need to be filled.
A good idea, for future referrence might be for you to not make your argument based upon an assumption which you have absolutely no knowledge about.

Another good idea might be for you to read the post in its entirity, as it addressed things which you questioned. You might save yourself some embarassment.

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