Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: [EDM] Oilers sign Boyd Gordon (3 years, $3M AAV)
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07-08-2013, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by JustinCider View Post
Some deals are better than others, but most of your examples are one year deals. All those players have warts...

Emery - played back up on a great team, has injury history, 1 year deal.
Iginla - although I disagree with this, was damaged by his playoff ending. But to be fair, the Bruins shut that whole team down, not just Iggy, still 1 year deal.
PM Bouchard - big time injury history, 1 year deal.
Khudobin - played back up on a powerhouse team, unproven, 1 year deal.
Cooke - while improved, is still a loose canon, could go off at any time.
Lapierre - also a loose canon, one year deal.

see the trend? I'm not saying these deals aren't better than Gordon's, but I would say, none of these players fills a bigger need on the Oilers than Gordon does.
Sure they have warts.
Every player does. We could list them ad naseum for any person on any team. And these 'warts' along with strengths are all part of the puzzle in determining fair market value for each and every player.
Still, there is market value.
And despite these flaws, the players I listed were fair prices for their value.

Again, I think it was the right call for the Oil to sign him (and he has warts of his own by the way). I think he helps your team in several areas of need. That doesnt mean I dont think that they overpaid.
In fact, whether they did or not really isnt relevant. It really does no harm to your teams salary structure and it wasnt a HUGE overpayment in the first place.

My only objection to your post was the comment that every team overpays for UFA's because that simply isnt true. A lot of them sign for fair market value and every now and then GM's come up with a steal.
Yes, IMO the Oil payed higher than market value for Gordon but honestly, who cares? They got an important fit which is what Oilers fans should care about.

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