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07-08-2013, 07:22 PM
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The thing to remember, OP, is that this is a very inexact science which is very hard to get a consensus to say is correct.

That said, while Staal is not worth IMO as much as some have asked, he is worth more than you have offered.

Staal is not damaged goods.
Yes, we know about the puck to the eye, but it appears he will be very close to 100% upon return, the only real concern being reaction to especially bright light, which should be controlled by the visor he is expected to be wearing going forward.

So if he is not truly appreciably diminished in effectiveness going forward, which I agree remains to be seen to be confirmed but at the same time there is no reason for the selling team to assume any reason its asset is diminished and should be sold short, Rangers will want top dollar.

It is true the Rangers want to create cap, but this is not a cap dump.
Taylor Pyatt for a 6th is a cap dump.

Logically the Rangers like any team DO want to move vets to make cap space. Staal fits in that group. But, you still have to offer not only enough value --- why do coke for pepsi? ---- you need to give me enough of a profit to make it worth my while, and vice versa.

An offer with Tlusty as centerpiece is quite proper.
However, it is tough to balance out.

What about Staal + for Faulk +?

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