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Originally Posted by Stereo Dice View Post
I would, but I really can only get to the rink once a week. plus admission is $6 plus $2 skate rental.
You can always rollerblade if you are not on the ice. It is different but you will be able to get the stride down, balance, crossover turns to build up speed, etc... Whenever you ice skate take what you learned on roller blades and try to apply it to the ice. It will be a good starting point. From there you can begin learning how to stop and all that good stuff. I feel like it is easier to ice skate than roller blade now because you have more control, meaning you can turn sharper and stop faster. One thing that will really help you on ice is skating with hockey gear on. It will allow you to skate hard and not worry about yourself badly when you fall. You will be able to try things with more confidence than before in pads.

Good luck, and keep skating! All it takes is practice.

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