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07-08-2013, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
It depends what you expect of your 3rd line though, what they are out there to do. I'm not an advanced stats guy, but someone earlier posted his QoC as being other teams first lines. They listed his most common opposition and it was names like Kopitar, Thornton and Getzlaf. No team puts their 4th line out against those guys on purpose. Then stats guy went on to mention zone starts, and that 60% of the time, this guy is taking a draw in his own end. Then he continued on about shots for/shots against while he is on the ice, and that Gordon is a plus in this regard (despite the draw usually taking place in his own zone against a Kopitar/Thornton type). That's the advanced stats working in his favour.

As for the old school simpleton's like myself, I'll go with this argument - points per game at even strength. Gordon's .24 is right in between's Horcoff's .23 and Stoll's .27. Would you call those two 4th liners (I actually won't argue Horcoff)? The only reason the other two have better offensive numbers at the end of the year is that they get PP time, which brings me back to my original question - what do you expect of your 3rd line C? If your top 6 is lacking a little pop then I totally understand wanting a more versatile 3C. We have Hall, Nuge, Eberle, Yakupov and Gagner in our top 6/PP units. We don't need a 3C chipping in, and by avoiding doing so those guys will get more PP time. Sadly, last year we actually gave a bum like Horcoff 2:40 per game of PP time (maybe Kruger can explain that from the unemployment line).

Boyd Gordon is definitely a 3C on our team, but maybe not on your's due to different needs. I'm happy with what he brings and think it was one of the missing pieces to last year. We were in 8th place on trade deadline day. With a guy like Gordon we may have stayed there.
Agree completely! Our needs justify spending a little more than some others may be willing to. Not in a salary problem situation so we were able to spend what is needed to get the best player for the role/position available.

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