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07-08-2013, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
I merely wrote that his opinion on the same player changed with the passing of a single season. If you find this to be an obtuse observation I question your thought process.

Suppose you're still annoyed with me and you saw another opportunity to offer up an opinion not germane to the discussion in the hopes of trying to nail me at something.

I get it. You don't like me, but that poster is more than capable of defending his positions.
Maybe a little annoyed but not all that much. The point he was trying to make seemed obvious and that was that Prust despite all the fights was not really a goon and certainly not a heavyweight and at a major disadvantage against much bigger and stronger opponents some of whom are really only hanging onto their jobs to do the one thing they do best. Sometimes situations occur that cannot be avoided. You're the cop on the beat--charged with stopping crime but outgunned logistically. It's kind of the way I think about Dorsett when I hear people suggest that we got a fighter to take on all comers--then come back with the stats off the official page that he's 6' tall and not afraid of anybody and to them that's enough right there--it's all taken care of. It comes down to I want these guys to do the things they do. I don't want to see them get killed doing it.

As far as not liking you--I can be a bit off the cuff at times. Pull chains when I'm wondering whether mine are being pulled. We really don't know each other so I have no reason not to like you and after all you are a die hard.

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